Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly Links


Stephanie Zvan discusses compliments, intimacy, and negotiating boundaries.

How to read a scientific paper

Chad Orzel does a great job laying out the format of a journal paper, as well as the different types of papers. I really wish I could have read this when I started grad school.

Mary Ellen Avery, premature babies’ savior, dies at 84

An awesome woman I had never heard of passed away recently. Dr. Mary Ellen Avery made a crucial discovery on why so many premature infants die from respiratory distress: their bodies don’t always produce the surfactant that full term babies do, causing their lungs to fill with foam. Her work is estimated to have saved hundreds of thousands of babies’ lives.

Hop, skip and a jump: remembering Hedy Lamarr

Another awesome woman was even more awesome than you might have realized. I actually was aware that Hedy Lamarr had a couple of patents for frequency hopping communications systems, but I never knew the whole story.

That Christian compassion
A fundraiser for Jessica Ahlquist

This story is really important. Jessica Ahlquist, a 16-year-old high school student from Cranston Rhode Island, sued her school over the presence of a prayer banner. She recently won her case, but is sadly facing enormous backlash from both her local community and the Internet at large. Please consider contributing to college scholarship fund for Ahlquist, linked above. Her bravery at such a young age astounds me.

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